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Advanced Financial Instruments and Markets
Advance Financial Instruments and Markets is intended to provide students with an exposure to the general concepts (theory and practice) of financial markets and broad themes in capital markets instruments. This course will also provide detailed discussion on design and formulation of innovative financial instruments of modern time. The objective is to set the foundations for further in-depth study of various areas of interest for PhD studies. Click here to explore "Advanced Financial Instruments and Markets"
Advanced Financial Management
This course in designed to share the application of rich body of financial theories in modern day corporate decision making challenges faced by financial manager. This course provides comprehensive capital market theories of investment and portfolio analysis and their application in global business environment. Click here to explore "Advanced Financial Management"
Corporate Finance
This course provides an introduction to the theory, the methods, and the concerns of corporate finance. The concepts developed in this course will form the foundation for all elective finance courses. The target of this course is to discuss the financial management process of a joint stock company or corporation. Click here to explore "Corporate Finance"
Cost Accounting
Financial Statements speak in a nutshell about the financial affairs . This course focus on the basic elements of cos and accounting procedures used for them. Click here to explore "Cost Accounting"
Financial Accounting
This course is designed to introduce students to the principles, concepts, and applications of financial accounting. The objective of this course is to familiarize the student with the basic concepts, standards and practices of financial accounting. Click here to explore "Financial Accounting"
Financial Econometrics
This course is concerned with the special statistical characteristics that arise when modeling time series data that has been collected at high frequency (such as daily or hourly). Topics include: modeling time varying volatility (G-ARCH models), ARIMA, generalized method of moments estimators (GMM), and non-normality issues of financial time series. Click here to explore "Financial Econometrics"
Financial Management
Financial Management is an exciting, challenging and ever-challenging discipline. Changing Technology and increased globalization are dramatically transforming financial practices and markets. This course in intended to share the modern financial tools and techniques use by financial managers to handle diverse business challenges. Click here to explore "Financial Management"
Financial Statement Analysis
Financial Statements speak in a nutshell about the financial affairs of a business organization. This course is intended to get familiarity with the basic concepts, elements, form, necessity & the importance of financial statements. More importantly, this course provides the review of techniques used by financial analysts to analyze business statements. Click here to explore "Financial Statement Analysis"
Financial Statistics
This course will provide students the knowledge of elementary statistics (univariate ,bivariate and multivariate) and prepare them to be able to use statistics for summarizing, reducing and perform exploratory data analysis and make students aware of the conditions underlying the applicability of the theoretical models that they use for statistical analysis. Click here to explore "Financial Statistics"
Human Resource Management
This course is an introductory HRM course that helps students learn Human Resource Management terminology and provides preliminary study into the areas of staffing, training & development, motivation and maintenance functions of HR manager, business ownership, business management, human resource management, etc. Click here to explore "Human Resource Management"
Industrial & Management Accounting
Financial decisions impact virtually every area of the business. The course ‘Management Accounting’ comprises of, an in-depth coverage of two crucial areas of every business i.e., Management of Current Assets & Management of Working Capital. It presents the principles and techniques of managing each element of current assets and their financing. Click here to explore "Industrial & Management Accounting"
International Finance
Multinational corporations face unique problems that result from operating in an international environment. Major topics covered in this course are corporate strategy and the decision to invest abroad, forecasting exchange rates, international portfolio diversification, managing exchange risk, cost of capital and financial structure. Click here to explore "International Finance"
Investment and Security Analysis
This course is designed to have a practical orientation towards the principles of investment, pricing and valuation. The videos will help students of investment in learning the various methodologies of investment and portfolio analysis and management. Click here to explore "Investment and Security Analysis"
Islamic Finance
This Islamic Finance course, aims at enabling the student to deeply understand the Islamic Business operating system and the concepts of Islamic Finance. Islamic Finance course provides the student with related background on economics, banking and Islamic shariah and Islamic financial instrument used by modern Islamic banks across the globe. Click here to explore "Islamic Finance"
This course provides an elementary approach to marketing theory and its practical application. Topics to be addressed and discussed from theoretical point of view include: the evolution of marketing, the significance and use of marketing research, marketing segmentation, product and/or service positioning, distribution, pricing and promotion. Click here to explore "Marketing"
Miscellaneous Topics
These video consists of special topics which are not covered in detail during lecture backup videos. This also includes special problems asked by students of business finance and accounting. Click here to explore "Miscellaneous Topics"
Research Methodology
This course introduces students to a number of research methods useful for academic and professional investigations of information practices, texts and technologies. By examining the applications, strengths and major criticisms of methodologies drawn from both the qualitative and quantitative traditions. Click here to explore "Research Methodology"
Seminar in Strategic Management
This seminar will present an overview of research streams in the strategic management field. With each stream, we will be introduced to some of the conceptual foundations on which the stream is based, the various propositions that are advanced and/or the hypotheses that are tested, the methodologies used, and the principal empirical findings in the field of strategic management. Click here to explore "Seminar in Strategic Management"
Stock Market Efficiency
This course is intended to provide students with an exposure to some of the general concepts in financial markets and broad themes in capital markets research. This course will set the foundations for further in-depth study of various areas of interest for PhD studies. This course will develop the ability to understand and conduct empirical research on the role of accounting and financial information in capital markets Click here to explore "Stock Market Efficiency"